This Centre will give continuity to our international relations and our international standing and is a concrete example of a platform to be used internationally as a bridge in global dialogue, especially in areas of major humanitarian and societal challenges

Professor Vincenzo Scotti
President of Link Campus University

The Center for War & Peace Studies was established at Link Campus University last May.
The Center aims at offering an interactive platform for inter-disciplinary studies around conflicts and related themes, with a multi-faceted approach.

Migration and Trafficking in human beings; Human rights and Democratization in war-torn countries and post-conflict scenarios; Geopolitics; Security and Defense are amongst the key topics we would like to explore.

While carrying out researches, the Center strives to develop a ‘critical thinking’ vis-à-vis specific case-studies on, inter alia, conflict-management, peace-keeping and peace-building, transitional issues, reconciliation processes, prevention and mediation strategies.

The Center maintains contacts with the diplomatic world, international organizations, think tanks and civil society for exchanging ideas on focus topics.

Link Campus will host conferences, workshops and trainings, with the participation of prominent national and international actors, in the framework of the Center’s mandate and activities.

The CNN Broadcast on Human trafficking, recently held at the University’s premises, represents a concrete example of an internationally-relevant event (Link to CNN Broadcast).   

The Center is made up of a network of lecturers and researchers from Link Campus, who have been developing an interest in war- and peace-related studies in the context of their respective specializations (Link to Experts Section). Knowledge-sharing and brainstorming on cross-cutting issues nourishes intra-academic debates and paves the way for continuous research development.

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Link Campus University Foundation’s mission is to promote research, studies, training with reference to the development and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of economy, international and political relations, organization of business, communication, legal affairs, and every other discipline of socio-economic, artistic, cultural, health and environmental affairs.

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