New war, new peace

By Marco Emanuele, September 2017
Professor of Democracy and Totalitarianism at Link Campus University in Rome

Editor of the global geopolitical information Blog “The Global Eye”

In the context of the “metamorphosis of the world”, something deeper than the simplistic “change”, it is important to reflect on what the words “war” and “peace” mean in today’s world.

The theme is complex, in the sense that there are so many dynamics that we must consider when we talk about war and peace; in the globalized world nothing is more just “national” but everything becomes “planetary”. The world is driven by the so-called “geopolitical butterflies”; there are no “closed systems” but everything is interrelated.

The theme is complex because the solutions we adopt to “make war” or to “make peace” are still tied to a twentieth-century thought; in the time of unpredictability, immateriality and asymmetry also our thinking has to change. Connected to a linear and causal thought, we risk not to understand what is happening and to design solutions for a world that no longer exists; are we culturally prepared to face a “cyber war” through which, for example, can the outcome of political elections be conditioned?

War is no longer the war we knew as well as peace can no longer be imagined in the ways we knew it. Today, war and peace go through, at the same time, the “information society” and the dynamics of economic development, climate change and, of course, geo-strategic choices.

Nothing is more like before. By accepting the “metamorphosis of the world” we can only work to rethink the essence of war and peace.